Dokumentation: Biological effects of electromagnetic fields on insects, Sonderbeilage umg 3-2020, Thill (28S. A4) <Sonderdruck>

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Review: Biological effects of electromagnetic fields on insects

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Sonderbeilage umg 3-2020

28 Seiten, A4

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Review: Biological effects of electromagnetic fields on insects

28 Seiten, A4

Worldwide, the number of insects is decreasing at an alarming rate. It is known that among other causes, the use of pesticides and modern agricultural practices play a particularly important role. This systematic review evaluates the state of knowledge regarding the toxic effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on insects. 72 of 83 analyzed studies found an effect. Negative effects that were described in studies include: disturbance of the sense of orientation, reduced reproductive ability and fertility, lethargy, changes in flight dynamics, failure to find food, reduced reaction speeds, escape behavior, disturbance of the circadian rhythm, blocking of the respiratory chain and damage to the mitochondria, misactivation of the immune system, increased number of DNA strand breaks. The results show that EMF could have a serious impact on the vitality of insect populations. In some experiments it was found that despite low levels of exposure to transmitters, harmful effects occurred after several months. Field strengths 100 times below the ICNIRP limits could already have effects. When planning the expansion of mobile networks, insect habitats should be protected from high-intensity EMF exposure already now.


Dokumentation: Biologische und pathologische Wirkungen der Strahlung von 2,45 GHz ... Sonderbeilage umg 1-2018, Wilke